Butt Sniffers

stables_trail_ridesThe Food Network’s creative team is always one step behind Bravo. The network has announced a new show that doesn’t look suspiciously like it’s patterend after Bravo’s “Top Chef” – it looks exactly like Top Chef.

The cribbing of Bravo creativity actually started while Top Chef was in its infancy. The folks at Food TV obviously realized that their anemic Next Food Network Star couldn’t compete with Padma and Tom, and stole Padma’s signiture line, “And your time starts now” to use in any number of food competitions. Then they attempted to steal some of Top Chef’s edgier food challenges instead of concentrating on what the original “Next Food Network Star’s” strengths were – demonstrating skill in the kitchen. Remember Morimoto supervising the contestants’ knife skills? Now that’s what I’m talking about!

The new show, Chopped, is a blatent rip-off. When my little sister took trail rides as a child, she heard a term for the horses that follow the lead horse – butt sniffers. Chopped is butt sniffing at its finest.

Can a screaming chef series pattered after Gordan Ramsey be far behind?

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