Is it worth saving 50 cents?

Starbucks is making less money but they’re selling just as much coffee, according to my barista at the Brentwood Starbucks. The reason? People are still getting their frou-frou caffeine fix by the droves, but they’re ordering grandes, not venti’s. The average cost difference is 50 cents.

starbucks A penny saved is a penny earned, I know, but if you really want to make an impact on your own economy, do what I do: Get a styrofoam cup (Sonic, Mrs. Winner’s, Jack In the Box and McDonald’s all use them). Then get refills at the local convenience store and use them OVER and OVER. Refills will run about 75 cents versus more than $2 for a venti iced decaf Americano, my poison of choice at Starbucks.

styrofoam-cup If you are a whackjob like me, you store your styrofoam cups in the cupboard after rinsing them out. I have about six in there right now.

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