Taking the temperature

Bon Appetit has an article on meat thermometers in its January issue that is just DEAD WRONG. They recommend three kinds of thermometers: an instant-read by Polder, a remote cooking thermometer by Maverick and an instant-read, non-digital by Taylor.

Here are the issues:

1. Polder is a great brand, but you need the probe therm you can stick in a piece of meat and leave. It has an alarm on it so you can set the desired internal temperature and when the meat reaches that temperature the alarm goes off. With the model they recommend, you have to continually poke at the meat to guess the correct temperature. Sunbeam also make a reliable model of the probe thermometer.

2. Remote thermometers – more trouble than they’re worth. If you’re a serious cook, you’re not going to use one.

2. Non-digital thermometers: Epically unreliable. We’re in the digital age. Go for the gusto.

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