Who is Billy Mays and why is he promoting this week's stupid product?


You know the guy. Annoying voice yelling at you through the TV, heavy black (undoubtedly dyed) beard, will sell anything no matter how stupid? It turns out he’s really just a salesman who cut his teeth on the Atlantic City boardwalk selling the “Weed-Matic.” That’s why he yells all the time – he had to stick out in a crowd of other yellers. He’s done alright for having a fairly shallow talent – according to Wikipedia, he lives in a $1.8 million house near Tampa (he probably added that in himself!).


The reason I felt compelled to write about Billy Mays is that he’s now promoting the stupidest product of the week, the Big City Slider Station. It’s for people who don’t know how to make a little hamburger, put it in a pan and fry it. In fact, the commercial show some poor dufus ineptly trying to flip a burger, which ends up flying out of the pan and onto the stovetop. This device is, of course, useless. If you want to watch the infomercial, here it is. The slider station is, as usual, $19.99 and comes with a cheap, plastic chopping thing that doesn’t work either plus a cookbook with Billy Mays personal favorites that he didn’t create or even taste.

I shouldn’t be so down on Billy. The guy’s found a way to make a good living. But anything that costs $19.99 and comes with extra stuff (But wait! There’s more!) should be a clear warning that the product is no good.

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