Is there anything new to write about food?

This is a serious question since I want to write another cookbook and I am racking my brain to figure out a topic that hasn’t been considered. I went to Barnes and Noble tonight to look for a new and exciting cookbook. I found tomes exclusively devoted to macaroni and cheese, bacon and cookies. I found books all about casseroles that included recipes for paella, which really isn’t a casserole in my mind, but I guess the author ran out of good recipes for chicken divan casserole or hash brown casserole. I found a gazillion Rachel Ray books with really stomach-turning recipes. I found the really good cookbooks that I’ll never have enough knowledge to attempt: books by Mario Batalli, Thomas Keller, Rick Bayless, Marcella Hazan and Julia Child,  just to name a few.  I found novelty books like One Hundred Ways to Cook Hamburger and 365 Days of Vegetables (actually, I made those up – maybe I should consider one of those as my new title).

But I can’t figure out anything truly new. My inclination is toward Southern cooking. There are a boatload of books already out there. Can I beat Edna Lewis? No way. John T. Edge, John Edgerton (could they be long lost brothers?), James Villas – all giants. And those great community cookbooks published by Southern Junior Leagues are better than anything I can imagine.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of Notably Nashville by the Nashville Junior League, do yourself a favor and click here to get your copy.

So I’m in limbo. What’s the next great thing? Actually, tonight I made up something that’s not a book, but it was good eats.  I made quesadillas from leftover cabernet marinated pot roast, Cheddar cheese and caramalized onions. My son and his study partner gobbled them down. Maybe that’s enough for now.


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2 responses to “Is there anything new to write about food?

  1. Stephanie


    Just found your blog, have forwarded it to my mother and mother in law. We are all enjoying reading about the food and places so dear to our hearts. Now I have a question, have you ever seen a cookbook for those getting their game on for the Episcopal coffee hour? I am new at this and one does not come unprepared. Any ideas?


    • the south in my mouth

      That’s a great question! St. Paul’s did a cookbook awhile back with just our English Tea recipes in it but I’m not aware of any books published for mass consumption. Maybe I should write one! In the meantime, if you haven’t read “Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide To Hosting the Perfect Funeral” you need to! The funniest and truest portrait of Southern Episcopal women ever.

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