The loss of civility in convenience stores

I realize that working in a convenience store isn’t a career move most people would make. But I’ve encountered a new level of dismissive “customer service” in the convenience store I hang out in most often. This store shares space with a Dunkin’ Donuts and the clerks behind the convenience store counter engage in witty repartee with the doughnut clerk behind the counter not 10 feet away. It goes something like this:

Convenience store clerk (CSC):  I told him I wasn’t gonna put up with that shit anymore.

Dunkin’ Donuts clerk (DDC): I hear you, girl. He can get his hiney out of here and find some other sucker to hook up with.

CSC: No, shit. I don’t put up with that shit.

DDC: He’s an asshole.

(I’m standing right here, Ms. Clerk, in front of you waiting to pay for my Diet Coke refill.)

CSC: I don’t need that much grief in my life.

(CSC holds out hand for 75 cents while continuing conversaton with DDC and avoiding eye contact with me, the customer.)

DDC: You deserve better, girl

(Me, the customer, exits store as others line up to pay for their stuff and conversation continues.)

So here’s a couple questions. Does not the convenience store chain have some kind of employee training that suggests you not engage in ear-splitting conversation with other clerks while paying customers are lined up? Does not Dunkin’  Donuts have the same?

I will digress for a moment. I actually love Dunkin’ Donuts, far preferring them to Krispy Kreme, which is heresy to say in the South but it’s true. Dunkin’ Doughnuts has better doughnuts, more variety and the only thing they don’t have, which they need, is the “hot” sign which lets KK lovers know that if they go into the store at that precise moment that the doughnuts will literally melt in ther mouth.

But back to civility – jeez, isn’t it common sense not to yell your personal business to a co-worker while customers are waiting?

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