My Boy, Bob

DSCN0072My boy, Bob, is one of two cats who live at the Mayhew residence. The other one is Peanut. They came as a pair from the Happy Tales Humane Shelter in Franklin. The shelter had us fill out a questionnaire when we got them nine years ago to make sure we would be suitable parents. One of them was, “Where will the cats sleep?” Have these people ever owned a cat? The obvious answer was, “Anywhere they want.”

At any rate, one of the cats most pleasurable pastimes is sitting in the cafe chairs at the kitchen counter when I cook (if you look closely in the background of the photo, you’ll see me at the counter). I’d like to think they’re admiring my incredible skill in the kitchen or want to keep me company. But they’re waiting for a treat. I’ve been pretty strict with these cats’ diets. No wet cat food. Really, no scraps. But they do love the Publix’s deli ham. When I make sandwiches in the morning, they each get a minuscule pile of shaved ham. It’s probably cruel on my part. They will sit for hours waiting for that dime-sized nubbin of ham.

So tonight I was making mini-burgers on the grill and Bob just hopped up and sat at attention, hoping for the ham. You can see he looks slightly confused. We like to keep him on his toes.

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  1. RibDog

    This reminds me of my sister’s dogs as they get Oscar Meyer sliced turkey as treats in the morning and in the evening. I think my sister single-handedly keeps Oscar Meyer in business!

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