A Good Southern Woman Grows Tomatoes

DSCN0108So one of the things I love about the South and particularly its women is a generous spirit. I’m sitting at the dock door today at CRC waiting for our nonprofit partners to come pick up household items and here comes Bobbie Cox. Bobbie takes care of very old poor people and very young poor people for a nonprofit in Franklin County. And I notice she’s toting a plastic grocery bag. “Here,” she said, handing me the bag. “I would have picked them this morning, but it was going to be too wet so I picked them last night.” Inside the bag were yellow squash, green tomatoes, red tomatoes and cucumbers. Yum.

The fact that someone I see about four times a year would think to trapse out into her garden and pick me fresh vegetables just floors me. It’s why I love the South so much. Now, of course, this is ruining my “eat light” plan (see previous post) before the Dillard BBQ contest because now I am compelled to make two of the South’s greatest creations: squash casserole and fried green tomatoes, neither of which are remotely light. The squash casserole requires – REQUIRES – Velveeta cheese, eggs and crushed Ritz crackers. The green tomatoes must be coated in cornmeal and fried in bacon grease. Yes, I have bacon grease. I keep it in a jar in the refrigerator. Purists keep their grease in a jar by the stove, but I just can’t go there.

If you have a garden, think about taking some produce to a friend. If you don’t, go by the grocery store, buy some vegetables, take those little stickers off and then tell your friend they came from your garden. It’s not the same, but it’s the thought that counts.

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