Steak Off

So during the “clean out the freezer” project today we pulled out some ribeye steaks and some filets. Too much steak? I think not! We got the best deal on the ribeyes at Fresh Market. They had a whole rack of them and I bought it for about sixty bucks. Sounds like a lot of cash until you cut them into individual steaks. It averaged out to about $4.99 a pound. Sweet! The filets also came from Fresh Market, also as a whole tenderloin that I cut into steaks. Not as great a deal. You’d be shocked at how much goes to waste from a whole beef tenderloin.

DSCN0308 We decided to have a taste test. Which is the best?

The ribeye is on the left and the tenderloin is on the right in the photo. Simply seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning, my go-to steak rub of choice. Grill at about 400 degrees. Maybe four minutes a side. Medium rare. Use the “touch” method to know when they’re done. Think of a slightly squishy tennis ball.

The winner without a doubt was the ribeye. More marbling in the meat (you know, fat equals flavor) and just all-around beefier and juicy. I have come to a crossroads here. I always thought beef tenderloin was the king of steaks but no more for me. Expensive and not as good as a ribeye or even a T-bone.

How nice that on a coolish late August night I can sit out on the deck, surrounded by trees and not a neighbor in sight, and grill a perfect steak. Try it.

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  1. Mary Ann

    I wonder what would have happened if you had cooked a ground brisket burger along with these other meats to decide what was best.

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