Baby Girl and Cheetos


Tammy, my daughter-in-law, stumbled onto something that is purely brilliant. We are in the mountains for our family reunion, gorging ourselves on football food (there’s a recipe for ham dip coming, I promise), casseroles and cinnamon buns, while Baby Girl cuts her first teeth. Baby Girl is the life of the party now that she can do tricks. She can sit on the floor and swivel around like a teacup at Disneyworld. She can wave and say bye-bye. And when she just sits there smiling that’s all I need in my day.

But cutting your teeth isn’t any fun, and Baby Girl is letting us know about it. When Noah was getting his teeth in I bought all these rubber thingies that you put in the freezer that were supposed to numb his gums but they didn’t’ work 17 years ago and they still don’t work now. Since Tammy was in charge of game day food (good job, Tammy!) one of the many items on display on the counter were a bag of Cheetos. The puffy kind, not the crunchy kind.

Well, we’d already veered dramatically off  Baby Girls’ normal diet of strained squash and applesauce what with four grandparents there. Granddaddy had fed her bits of soft chocolate chip cookies. Then he pinched off a shred of a Little Smokie and gave it to her. Baby Girl was momentarily happy but then she’d get that new tooth pain again and we all went into a tailspin thinking of the suffering our poor girl was enduring.

So Tammy handed me a Cheeto and I handed it to Baby Girl. She regarded it for a moment and then got a whiff of that imitation cheese product and that was all it took.

DSCN0338Don’t anyone get your panties in a wad. We’re not going to feed her Cheetos nonstop until her teeth come in. In fact, Baby Girl and parents are back home tonight, away from the bad influence of her grandparents and probably happily slurping up some strained peas and turkey mush from a baby food jar.

But that darn Cheeto worked! It was crisp enough at first to give her just enough gum action and then it softened into a gelatinous mass as Baby Girl chomped down on it. I thought it was a little excessive when she reached around and dropped the soggy Cheeto in my open purse. But I’ll forgive her anything, of course.

True to my word, here is Granbunny’s ham dip recipe. It’s only two ingredients (don’t you know every great Southern recipe has three ingredients or less?). Just take one big can and one little can of Underwood Deviled Ham (no substitutions!). Add a pint of sour cream. Mix it up good and chill it. That’s it. You must serve it with Frito’s Scoopables.

We probably won’t see Baby Girl again for a few months. That just breaks my heart. I didn’t think being a grandmother would get to me like it has. But it’s just a feeling so deep and wide and bottomless that I can’t get over it.

I love you, Baby Girl. Night, night.

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One response to “Baby Girl and Cheetos

  1. Tammy (baby Mama)

    Baby Girl will be forever grateful to the Cheeto & is completely indebted to the grandparents for introducing game day food! We miss you guys & can’t wait to see you again. Love you.

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