Dunkin’ Donuts

Every Saturday morning, Mark and I go somewhere for breakfast. We’re just all over the place on breakfast. Sometimes it’s the Krystal. Sometimes it’s a Jewish deli called Noshville. Sometimes it’s Meredee’s, which has the best pecan rolls of all time. But this morning, Mark surprised me. He wanted to go to Dunkin’ Donuts.

IMG_0304I’m not really a doughnut person, but if I had to chose the best doughnuts around they’d be Dunkin’ Donuts. Heresy in the South, home of Krispy Kreme. You can’t beat that “hot” sign when it lights up at Krispy Kreme and you know those warm yeast doughnuts just out of the fryer bathed in their sweet sugary coating will just melt in your mouth. But for variety, I have to go with Dunkin’ Donuts, particularly because they have munchkins. Munchkins are kind of like mini-burgers. You can eat ten of them and somehow not think you’ve downed the equivalent of four whole doughnuts.IMG_0303 I like the kind filled with strawberry jam.

But Mark wasn’t interested in doughnuts (or donuts). He’d seen the commercials for the breakfast sandwich, which is really just like any other breakfast sandwich anywhere you go. He’s always got his camera with him now so he snapped some photos of the rest of our breakfast.

IMG_0305Here’s his breakfast sandwich. It was better after he added mustard. I don’t understand how people can eat sausage patties without mustard.

And here’s my breakfast – the grilled cheese flatbread. It was terrific, all gooey and melty and soft. Kind of sounds like baby food, doesn’t it?IMG_0306 Mark also took a picture of me eating this, but we’re not going to go there.

This may not have been diet food, but it was better than the other place Mark was drawn to this morning – IHOP. He wants the deep-fried french toast stuffed with cream cheese. Oh, Lord.

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