A word about grits

gritsI am very particular about my grits. I think the people who don’t like them have just never had good grits. This is my pot from church breakfast on Sunday. They were darn good.

When I was a girl, of course, we didn’t have grits because we lived in the North and grits were called Cream of Wheat and eaten with butter and brown sugar. Cream of Wheat was really bland and still is. Grits, as you know, are made from corn and corn is savory and sweet at the same time. When you grind up the corn a certain way (not fine like cornmeal), you get grits. In the store, you find them three ways – slow-cooking grits, quick-cooking grits and instant grits. Stay away from the instant grits at all costs. Just flavorless mush. Go with the slow-cooking grits if you have time. But the easiest and best way is to buy quick-cooking grits. Here’s the secret – don’t cook them quick.

If you do the following, you will learn to love grits. Mix the grits and boiling water at whatever quantity you want based on the package instructions.grits Now, using a whisk, constantly stir them for at least 15 minutes. That will make them creamy. Then add in a chunk of butter and, if you have it, some cream. Keep stirring. If you don’t have cream, add a little whole milk. Whole milk. They will need a liberal dose of salt and pepper. Add that. Then taste them. They should be creamy and rich and totally satisfying.

If you don’t like grits after making them my way, then I just don’t know what.

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