Eat your Brussels Sprouts

DSCN0608I am showing you the really appetizing photo right from the get go because I am serious about Brussels Sprouts. I know you are going to poo-poo this, but if you make this recipe exactly as I tell you, you will become a Brussels Sprouts addict.

Here’s my history with Brussels Sprouts. All vegetables from my childhood were contained in cans. Every one. So my history with them is spotty. Probably the worst two of the lot were asparagus and Brussels Sprouts. I think somebody called Brussels Sprouts the Stinking Rose and they really can be if you heat them up from a can.

So here’s what you do, and this is really more of a procedure than a recipe which means I don’t have to mess with measurements. Get some Brussels Sprouts from the Publix, about 16-20 of them. The smaller the better. Cut off the root tip and peel away the first few layers of really green leaves. Put them in a microwaveable container. Add a few tablespoons of water and nuke them for a couple of minutes. Check the sprouts and if they are starting to get soft, stop. If they’re still as hard as golf balls, give them another minute. They will continue to cook after you take them out of the microwave. They should be starting to get soft but not mushy. Let them cool enough so you can cut them in half, starting at the root end.

Now here’s the good part. Get a goodly amount of butter. Real butter, not margarine (that’s a post for another day but don’t ever use margarine – that stuff will kill you). Maybe three tablespoons to start. Put it in a cold pan and add the juice of one lemon. The reason you do this is in a cold pan is that if you don’t the lemon juice will spatter violently and your husband will  have to take you to the emergency room. Just kidding, but it does spatter. Heat the butter and lemon until the butter foams. Add the Brussels Sprouts cut side down to the pan. Saute them until the cut side is nicely browned. If it looks like the pan is getting dry, add more butter. You cannot have enough.

Now, when the sprouts are browned on the cut side and there’s lots of butter in the pan, add seasoned bread crumbs. I always use Progresso, but any seasoned crumbs will do. Toss the sprouts around in the crumbs until they start to brown. And you’re done.

If these aren’t the best things you eat all day, then I just don’t know what. Oh, and I almost forgot. The sprout leaves that fall off in the pan and get really saturated with the butter, lemon juice and crumbs are the best part. Save those for yourself.

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