Winter market

It was so cold this morning I almost just stayed in bed. But I needed some beef bones for a project and I made myself put on the  muffler and head to winter market.

You have to give major props to farmers who stand in 30-degree temperatures on a hard concrete parking lot to sell real food. I’ve been reading too much lately about carbon footprints and sustainable farming and big conglomerates that ship produce 1,000 miles from where its grown. I really have been reading about it too much because guilt is starting to set in. Here are my lovely farmers just five miles down the road and I’m going to the grocery store for produce.

So here’s what I got today: kale (that’s the purple and green leaves), turnips with their greens and kohlrabi, which is a cousin to cabbage. I also got a ham hock for New Year’s Day and some Fugi apples.

The greens will be sauteed in olive oil with garlic. The turnip and kohlrabi bulbs will be roasted with some potatoes.

I try hard to balance my love of Velveeta (which is not even a food!) and Cheez Waffies (also not a food, but I just ordered another case of them from Amazon) with putting  more thought into where I get my food and how it was produced. This morning, the good guys won.

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