Light biscuits

I have to thank a nice lady behind the counter at Mrs. Winners for teaching me about light biscuits. I don’t mean by weight. I mean by color.

It was my practice before my Mrs. Winners was diabolically taken over by the dreaded Church’s Fried Chicken to stop in every morning for a sausage biscuit. First of all, they have the best sausage. Not flabby and gray, like McDonald’s. But that first morning I entered Mrs. Winners the lady behind the counter said, “Do you want a regular biscuit or a light biscuit?” And what, I inquired, was a light biscuit? “You know, one that doesn’t have any color to it,” she said. Ah!

I did want a light biscuit. And I had one almost every day until I pulled up one morning and saw that the cheery red sign had been replaced by a bilious yellow one. I went right by the drive through and kept going.

So now I’m learning to make my own biscuits and I can have them any color I want. And I choose light. Today, I made a couple batches, one in a glass baking dish and one in a metal baking dish. The first ones I made a few weeks ago turned out a little flat, but tasty. There they are to the left with some butter on them. As I said, tasty but flat. So I thought if I made them in a dish, all crowded together, they would have to go up instead of out while they baked.

After my experiment today, I can tell you that I will be making my biscuits in a 9-by-9 dark metal pan from now on. The metal allowed them to brown just a bit on the bottom while staying gloriously light on top.

I have to tell you I am pretty darned impressed with myself. I did not have a grandmother whose shoulder I could peek over to watch how she made biscuits. I had a grandmother who was a vegetarian and died before I was born. I did not have a mother to learn from either. I had a mother who thought biscuits in a can was just a little too much to bother with. I am self taught.

And I am light. Light biscuits.

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  1. Terrell Jones

    Try your cast Iron skillet.

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