Comfort food

As I am sitting here waiting for the blizzard to begin, I am eating a peanut butter and butter sandwich. On Pepperidge Farm pumpernickel bread (highly prized because it has no crust).

My mother made these up, I think, because she ran out of jelly one day. I don’t know, but I remember eating them in the backseat of the car. A red Oldsmobile convertible. Isn’t it strange how food memories have these odd  moments of clarity? When I can’t decide what to have for supper and the boys aren’t home, I just crave a peanut butter and butter sandwich.

So, what’s your favorite comfort food? I need to know. Takes my mind off the snow.


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3 responses to “Comfort food

  1. Grilled cheese sandwich cut diagonally for dipping and Campbells tomato soup with a tall glass of milk to drink…. yum.

  2. RibDog

    To this day, I put butter on my bread before putting the peanut butter on it in a PB&J sandwich.

    Comfort food, cold fried chicken with a PB and strawberry preserves sandwich.

  3. Louise Silverstein

    My friend, Bel Edmonson, had this neat mini hotdog broiler at her house. I haven’t seen one like it since. After school we would broil some hotdogs, allowing them to burn/char a bit. Quick and easy – yum!

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