Super Bowl: Best of the wurst

We are sausage people. We like every single kind of sausage there is – Southern -style sausage patties, Northern-style links and German-style wurst. It doesn’t matter. We just gobble it up.

So for this Super Bowl installment, a bratwurst sandwich is absolutely called for, don’t you think? Now, I actually had to do a little research about bratwurst. It’s a generic term that covers a multitude of sausages. The “wurst” just means sausage and the “brat” comes from old High German and means pure meat with no other filler. I’m all about that.  Some brats are made with pork and beef and some of them are made with pork and veal. The latter are termed “weisswurst.” Too much information? Yea, me too. Let’s just get on to the cooking.

Now, if you need a recipe to make brats, then you just really don’t need to be making this at all. It’s like telling you how to boil a hot dog. Ordinarily, I would do these on the grill, but it’s raining cats and dogs (wouldn’t that really hurt if it was true?) so I browned them in a frying pan. The weisswurst, or white brats, I got were from Boar’s Head, which is really the only wurst of any kind you should get, unless you have access to West Wind Farm. Did I mention that my new boyfriend (so long, Thomas Keller) is Ralph Cole, who is the organic farmer who raises my favorite sausage. Ralph has not told his wife, Kimberlie, about this yet so please be discreet.

But I digress. You just brown the sausage to give it a little extra flavor and then you butter a hoagie roll and get it nice and toasty under the broiler. Add some sauerkraut that you have nuked just slightly to take the chill off, some grilled onions and some spicy deli mustard and you have the perfect Superbowl snack.


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2 responses to “Super Bowl: Best of the wurst

  1. Terrell Jones

    You Hussy, you jump around like fleas.

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