Good enough mother

Okay, I’m so over the Super Bowl and it hasn’t even started yet. I’ve made pizza and brats and dips all week and I’m full.

So, I hope ya’ll are on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many old friends I’ve connected with in the last year. One of my non-Facebook friends says her daughter thinks it’s creepy that old people are on Facebook. I think “old” is a little strong. Mature, perhaps. But I don’t care either way.

The other day I reconnected with Rene Syler, who used to work with my husband at KOLO in Reno. Rene is one of those girls you could easily hate because she is gorgeous. I mean knock down. Just look at her. She really looks like that!  But you can’t hate Rene because she is so nice.

So after she left Reno and was a TV anchor in Dallas she became a TV anchor on the Early Show on CBS. We were so proud. And she was really good. Then somehow they decided it was a good idea to let her go. You know, we in the South never talk about people being fired. We just say they were “let go.” Isn’t that  more pleasant?

But ya’ll know how this works. The old “one door closes, another door opens” thing. So Rene decided to write a best-selling book about life with her husband and two children called Good Enough Mother. And it, of course, does very well. So, now, Rene has embraced the new social media and she makes videos about her life that she anchors in her own walk-in closet! Here’s one I just love. Rene’s in the closet and she’s even wearing a Snuggie!

Now, here’s the food part. With all of Rene’s success, I found out just a few weeks ago that Rene cannot cook. And, of course, that gives me a leg up…finally. Here’s Rene making a ridiculously simple dish in her designer kitchen. Why is it that all non-cooks have designer kitchens while I, a renowned cookbook author, must put up with a kitchen the size of a bath mat (that’s a picture of my pathetic little kitchen)? Well, maybe not renowned. Actually, not even well-known. But I digress.

So now I’m feeling sorry for Rene. All that talent and she has a hard time feeding her family. But she is a Good Enough Mother and she deserves a little help. So I am going to give her, and you, the recipe for what Noah calls Flat Chicken. I am embarrassed at how easy this is.

Flat Chicken

1 package thin-sliced chicken breasts

Seasoned Progresso breadcrumbs (you can usually find them in the flour aisle)

Juice of one lemon

1/2 cup oil

4 tablespoons butter

Trim the chicken breasts of any extraneous skin. Put a goodly amount of the breadcrumbs on a plate. With the cold water tap running, rinse the chicken pieces in cold water and press both sides into the breadcrumbs (a Perfect Mother would do the whole flour, egg wash, breadcrumb thing but this is Good Enough).

Add the lemon juice to a skillet. Then add the oil and butter. Heat over medium heat until the butter is melted and it sizzles when you throw a couple drops of water in the pan. Now, add the chicken. Here is the mistake most non-cooks make. DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t try to pick it up with tongs or move it around the pan. Just leave it there until the bottom looks nicely browned. Then turn it once and brown on the other side. Because it’s flat chicken, when it looks good on the outside it’s done on the inside.

Flat chicken is particularly good with Green Noodles, which is another dish Noah named. It’s just thin spaghetti with store-bought pesto sauce. Good Enough.

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  1. Noah

    The names I pick are so creative =D

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