Party poopers

I just hate it when a random set of facts gets in the way of a good story. After my triumphant unmasking of the Walmart infiltration into my beloved Publix, Terrell and Ribdog begged to differ. Excuse me?

They claimed that this awful Red Velvet Twinkie imposter was manufactured by some company allegedly called Flowers Foods and that it had nothing to do with Walmart. I was skeptical, particularly about Terrell since I have not ever seen him eat a processed food of any kind. But being the former journalist and current blog expert that I am, I had to check.

Dammit. They were right. However, I say anything that leads to a good story is worth whatever mistakes get made along the way. And here’s the real story for tonight.

Terrell loves Ho Hos! He used to work for the company that makes Ho Hos and Twinkies and he used to eat them right as they came off the line! The man who trumpets the virtues of made-from-scratch home cooking has a yearning for Ho Hos! I am speechless.

I have actually consumed a few Ho Hos and I must say they are delicious. Now I know what I’m getting Terrell for Christmas.


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5 responses to “Party poopers

  1. Terrell Jones

    Yea, Yea, Yea. That will be like the Cheese do da’s you were going to bring to Dillard.

  2. Mark

    Who knew that crossing Terrell on snack foods was like drawing on Shane?

    “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape; you don’t spit into the wind; you don’t pull the mask offa no Lone Ranger” and you apparently don’t #@&^ with Terrell on snack foods.

  3. Terrell Jones

    My Great Grand Father taught me this. As you go thru life there are 2 rules you never bend never whittle toward yourself or pee into the wind. He was wise.

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