A long week

Ya’ll, I’m just going to be honest here. There has not been a lot of cooking this week. Here’s the rundown.

Monday: Just after our six-hour drive home from seeing Precious Girl in Asheville, I hop into a 14-foot U-Haul to pick up donation at major retailer for the Community Resource Center. I am a bundle of nerves. Cannot drive a truck for sour owl poop. Supper: None. Boys ate leftovers.

Tuesday: Getting some bounce back in my step. Paperwork and getting ready for Oyster Easter, our major fundraiser. Supper: Sole Meuniere.Will write a separate post about this. Darn delicious.

Wednesday: Lordy, what a day. Get call to go to another major retailer. Think we are picking up boxes. No. We are clearing out an entire display store. Great for CRC. Five hours of back-breaking work for me and Betsy. Rent another U-Haul truck. This one was made in the 1850s. Not even a cup holder. White knuckle it for 80 miles round trip. Supper: I am comatose. At 8 p.m., Noah asks if he can cook supper. He makes crazy eggs and sausage. Crazy eggs are scrambled eggs with anything else you can think to throw in them. Noah does a good job. I eat a small plate.

Thursday: Looking forward to an easy day. Take supplies over to Travellers Rest for Oyster Easter. Plan to meet Mark at Elm Hill Marina where he’s taking the boat. Get to Elm Hill Marina. Change in plans. Boat died halfway there. Mark almost thrown into rocky shore. Saves boat by jumping into the icy water, fending off disaster with a boat hook. While wearing his Tennessee hat. I stand at dock for hours while another boat tows him in. He is safe, which is all that matters. Nerves shot. Supper: Salad. It’s all I can wrap my head around.

So here we are on Friday morning. No pick-ups. No boat disasters. A day to recharge before Oyster Easter. Tomorrow feasting on oysters every way, ribs, jambalaya, hush puppies. Tonight, mac and cheese casserole, which I will also tell you about in a separate post. It’s very tasty.

I am looking out on the Middle Tennessee hills as I write this. The cherry trees are in full bloom. Birds are chirping. It’s sunny. Vitamin D fix is in. Our family of three is safe and sound. The coffee’s good. No complaints. Not a one.

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