Sole Meuniere

I’m doing something in real time right now. I don’t know if I want to know the answer. My absolute favorite fish in the world is Dover Sole and I got some at the Trader Joe’s a few days ago. It’s this incredibly mild, almost buttery tasting fish. The filets are thin and delicate and lend themselves best to a quick saute.

But I’m getting more and more involved, at least in my own head, with sustainable farming, ranching and fishing. In other words, you eat fish that aren’t endangered. And there’s a website you can go to and find out what’s in danger and what’s not. So I’m going to go there right now. Be back in a minute.

Well, I feel better. Sort of. If my sole came from the Atlantic Ocean, that’s bad. If it came from the Pacific Ocean, that’s good. I choose to believe that my little fishy came from the West Coast.

Sole Meuniere is a classic recipe. Meuniere is French, obviously, and means “the miller’s wife.” The only thing I can think of is they named the dish that because it’s really simple to make and kind of humble. Or that the miller’s wife was fat because Sole Meuniere is nothing more than lightly sauteed fish absolutely swimming, pardon the pun, in browned butter. And  browned butter is easy to make. You just put the butter in a saute pan and cook it until it turns a pale brown. Add lemon juice, perhaps some capers, and you’re done.

So here’s my Sole Meuniere. It was absolutely delicious. Because you have all that rich butter sauce, you don’t want to gild the lily by serving it with scalloped potatoes or green bean casserole. Simple is as simple does. Just a quick saute of green beans and some basmati rice is all you need.

There are a million  recipes for Sole Meuniere out there so I did not feel I had to develop my own. I used my old friend Ina Garten’s recipe. Here it is. She’s not really my old friend. I probably need to make that clear. But I wish she was.

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