Let’s just have a drink

The three chicks: Kim, Catherine and Betsy

Well, this is a first, ya’ll. I’m simulcasting a blog. Is that the right word? Who cares. I have been trying to figure out a way to jump back into the food side of my life while not disrespecting the fact that there are people with no food sleeping on wet mattresses tonight. And what better way to do that than to have a little cocktail?

It may seem frivolous to have a cocktail during the aftermath of a 500-year flood, but let me tell you why I posted this photo. It’s also on the two chicks blog with different copy, of course. I did this because everybody in Nashville needs a little drink tonight.

This photo was taken Thursday about 5 p.m. Here’s what happened Thursday. We get donated warehouse space from an angel named Robert Craig at A+ Storage. Here’s the link to his business. If you ever have storage needs and don’t patronize him I will hunt you down like a dog. We secure a deal with the Mayor’s Office to be the official agency to distribute emergency supplies to flood victims. We are now in charge of tens of thousands of people who need toothbrushes and soap and shampoo and diapers. And feminine hygiene products. Nobody wants to talk about that, but just think about it. OK. Stop.

So the third chick, but she didn’t know it when she walked in the door, is Kim Council. Kim was the general manager at The City Paper when I was the editor. She is a can-do girl. I called her because I knew Betsy and I couldn’t do this by ourselves. She just showed up like she’d worked at CRC all her life. I just love her. She stayed at the temporary warehouse while Betsy and I went to visit the Land of Toxic Poo Water at CRC. I don’t think I’ve shown you a photo of the warehouse. So here you go.

I promise I won’t do this again. I do understand that this is a food blog.  But you just have to understand that this was the kind of day we were having. Slogging through toxic poo in our designer rain boots wearing rubber gloves. Oh joy. Oh, did I mention we were doing most of this in complete darkness with a couple of flashlights until we got the dock door open? You know the saying, “About as much fun as a turd in a punchbowl?” Well, there we were. In the punchbowl. With…well, you know.

So we get back to our lovely clean well-lit temporary warehouse and all three of us just decided we needed a stiff drink. So we walked down to the Gulch, settled in at Sambuca and ordered mojitos. I’d never had a mojito. They are delicious. They’re made of rum (which I hadn’t had since high school because a rum and Coke was the first drink I hurled – sorry, decorum is leaving me). And mint. And lime. They just make you happy.

I will get back to food from now on. I just needed a bridge between the horror of the last week and the recovery that is now beginning. I haven’t cooked for my family in a week.

And Beau (or Bo, I don’t know how you spell it), you may not have known it but you made my day last Tuesday. Beau came up to me at Star Bagel, as Betsy and I were about to start figuring out what the hell to do next, and said, “You don’t know me, but don’t you write the south in my mouth?”  Wow. You made my day on a day that was one of the most difficult of my life.

Mojitos (from the Taste of Cuba website)

1 teaspoon powdered sugar

Juice from one lime

4 mint leaves

2 ounces Havana Club white rum

2 ounces club soda

Follow the website’s directions for mixing.

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