Corn dip

I did not understand corn as I was growing up. Or at least I didn’t understand the importance of having the right corn. In Illinois, there was only yellow corn. At our house it was ritualistically boiled in a big pot until each and every kernel was  reduced to a water-logged pillow and then eaten with butter, salt and pepper with jaunty little corn holders at each end. In the 1950s, one simply did not eat corn on the cob without corn holders. It seems rather silly now. Kind of like eating ribs with a knife and fork.

However. HOWEVER. I got to the South as quick as I could and discovered that the one true corn is silver queen corn. It is white, not yellow. It is indescribably sweet, so much so that if you get it fresh from the cornfield you can eat it raw. If you choose to cook it, you must use a microwave. No pots of boiling water, please. Simply shuck the corn, wrap each ear in a paper towel and nuke the ears for about three minutes. There are not many things a microwave is good for, but making corn on the cob is one of them. Trust me on this.

It was many more years before I discovered corn dip. It also must be made with silver queen corn. My friend, Patsy Bruce, put me on the corn dip bandwagon. She served it at her house once, along with cheese straws and fruit tea. Is there anything more Southern than that? You can make the corn dip with fresh kernels cut off the cob and that is the best way, of course. But you can also make it with frozen or canned silver queen corn and it is still extremely tasty. This is the kind of dip that people might look at you funny when you serve it. Corn for a dip? But after they get one taste, they just want to go off in a corner with the whole bowl and eat it by themselves.

Corn dip

3 ears fresh silver queen corn or 1 can shoepeg corn, drained

1 bunch green onions, finely chopped

1/2 cup Regiano-Parmegano cheese, grated

1/2 cup Duke’s mayonnaise

1/2 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

Combine ingredients and serve either with Big Wheat Thins or Frito’s Scoops.


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5 responses to “Corn dip

  1. I’ll be trying this one very soon – “who woulda thought?” (another Southernism just in case you haven’t heard that phrase before.)

    • Mark

      Catherine is correct — make the sample corn dip when you are home alone. That way, you won’t have to share.

  2. Fresh corn is even better without shucking it first. Just place it in the microwave as is and cook for five minutes. The corn shuck seems to add even more flavor. I pull the shuck back after it’s cooked and twist the shuck together to use as the handle.

  3. ? for you; do you cook the corn before making it into the dip? I am visiting the South this week and am loving the greens and beans.

    • the south in my mouth

      No, you don’t cook the corn. That’s part of the beauty of it! Hope you have a great time on your visit.

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