Juicy Lucy

This is just wrong on so many levels. I was watching some food show the other day and it featured this incomprehensible thing called a Juicy Lucy. It’s two hamburger patties sandwiched around processed cheese food slices. Yes, processed cheese food slices, Velveeta’s prettier cousin. And the maker of the Juicy Lucy explained that you must use processed cheese food because no other cheese achieves the proper ooziness. Is ooziness a word? I think it must be.

I had been saving some premium 80/20 organic ground beef from West Wind Farms for a special ground beef showcase recipe. Yes, I also recognize that combining organic ground beef with processed cheese food is probably a crime in some state or another.

So, in order to feel slightly better about this whole thing, I go to Trader Joe’s and get organic processed cheese food slices. I cannot believe there is such a thing. But there is.

One pound of ground beef makes four hamburgers this way. You just add a tablespoon of salt to the meat and then divide it into eight thin patties. Put the cheese slices in the middle as shown in the photograph and then seal the burgers. Because I had already gone completely over the deep end, I decided to fry the Juicy Lucy’s in butter in the cast iron skillet. This turned out to be a good decision. As you can see, when you bite into a Juicy Lucy what you get is a luscious spurting of the cheese surrounded by the succulent burger. You, of course, do not need to add Tater Tots to the plate, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

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  1. This I must know!!! How the H#*!*# do you stay so slim? I gain at least 2 lbs. every time I read one of your posts!! But that’s my problem, please don’t stop posting.

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