Caul fat

That’s a tasty title, isn’t it? But it’s been a week and I’ll explain in a minute.

So, CRC started giving away furniture this week to flood victims. The word got out. Since the CRC phone is sitting on my home office desk for the time being, I could not get away from work. It rang more than 200 times in two days. I am not kidding you. Last night, I was down to my last nerve and we couldn’t figure out how to turn the dang thing off. So Mark came up with the brilliant idea of putting the phone in the filing cabinet. Yes, you can still hear it, but it’s muffled at least.

I decide to break open the coveted package of spicy lamb and pork sausage I got last weekend from The Spotted Trotter in Atlanta. Just a treat to end a stressful week. Maybe I’m a little fragile, but it didn’t occur to me until the sausage was in the pan that it was wrapped in caul fat and I had never in my life cooked anything with caul fat.  I could have looked it up on the Internet, but that would be like a man asking someone for driving directions, wouldn’t it.

So I am winging it! Put the sausage in a smoking hot cast iron skillet and let her rip. Oh, my god! Caul fat is, well, fatty! Caul fat, by the way, is a fatty membrane that surrounds some animal organs. It’s used to wrap lean meats to help them stay moist during cooking. I have seen it numerous times on various cooking shows, but was I really paying attention? Apparently not.

The naked eye cannot detect this from the photo, but lightning hot shards of flying fat are coming off these sausages. Mark is oblivious and the cats have run off and taken refuge in the den. I am alone with the caul fat and it is kicking my behind. I feel like I need a shield or a welder’s mask. The stress of the phone is long behind me now. I am immersed in the stress of caul fat.

With the longest pair of tongs I own, I carefully flip the sausages over and then stand them up on their sides so the entire sausage browns. Grease has spread beyond the stove, across the floor and over to the counter. I am defying death and I am proud of myself.

They were delicious. I mean really, really delicious. The caul fat disappeared into the meat, which remained incredibly moist. I am now a fan of the caul fat. And, oddly enough, I am now de-stressed. I hear the muffled tones of the phone in the filing cabinet, ringing yet again at 8:02 p.m. I can barely hear it. No, I cannot hear it at all.


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2 responses to “Caul fat

  1. MaryAnn

    Thank you for introducing me to caul fat. I love it when cooking puts me in the Zone, best feeling ever.

  2. We just ate some of them for dinner. They were incredibly delicious. I too got burned by the needles if caul fat leaping from the skillet. It was so worth it!

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