Sausage balls and cherry pie

This week was all about endings and beginnings. I went down to Terrell’s funeral on Friday. It was as nice as a bittersweet moment like that can be. We all got up and talked about how much we loved him and what a great story teller he was. And Howard got to eat his first Southern funeral food.

I would love to see Howard’s refrigerator in Beverly Hills. I imagine it has soy milk and wheat grass in it. He circled the platter of fried chicken as though it were a forbidden object that might shock him if he touched it. He did, of course. Just the mere thought of turning down fried chicken at any event associated with Terrell, even his own funeral, was unimaginable.

And then I got in the car and drove home to cook supper for my son. This was his first weekend home from college. A new beginning of a different phase in our relationship. He’s gotten that little taste of freedom, darn it. And as he is progressing, I seem to be regressing.

I need to learn cold weather flying. This is, of course, part of the World of Warcraft addiction my son has inflicted upon me. The idea, you might remember, is that we would both play this while he was in Knoxville and that would somehow keep us bonded. Well, we’re already bonded, he’s not playing and I am besotted with this stupid game. Noah is advising me on how I can obtain this cold weather flying skill, even though I am not supposed to have it at my character’s level. Yes, it has just occurred to me that I am encouraging  my son to help me cheat. I am regressing.

I will now proceed to the sausage balls and cherry pie. They are two of Noah’s favorite foods and I am determined to send him back to college loaded up with sausage balls and cherry pie. Comfort food. Food that makes you smile. I spend all Saturday night making pie crust and sausage balls and baking the pie. I feel accomplished. I am cooking for my boy again.

Endings and beginnings. Fried chicken and sausage balls. It’s all about the food.

Sausage Balls

1 pound bulk sausage (I use Hot Tennessee Pride)

1 cup Bisquick

1 cup sharp shredded cheese

Mix thoroughly in a bowl until all the ingredients are incorporated. Roll into walnut-sized balls and put on a foil lined rimmed cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


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4 responses to “Sausage balls and cherry pie

  1. I’m a nut about cherry pie, so if you can, share your recipe with me. I KNOW it must be good or you wouldn’t make it for Noah!

  2. Love sausage balls… but where’s the pie??

    “It’s all about the food.”

    Are you sure you haven’t met my husband? Ya’ll sound an awful lot alike. 🙂

  3. howard

    Roxana (The wife) is going out of town this weekend, runiing her 200th Marathon and so I will make the sauage balls while she is gone. They look terrific!
    After the funeral, took Ron Montgomery to Auburn ( his college) and spent the day walkin’ around and eating BBQ. It was great fun and to one who hated college, Oh! what I missed.
    Then on Saturday, on the way to the airport, stopped at Warm Springs and visited the Little Whgite House. It eas such a beautiful Georgia warm day, I spent a few hours there just taking it all in and remembering TJ.
    Stopped at The Cracker barrel ( My brother was an execuutive with them for many years – before he opened his own chain of restautant s in the mid-west) and had a full country breakfast – ham (salty but great) , grits, you name it. Ya know, you can’t eat grits with a fork, it falls between the tines and on your shirt sleves, darn it, still not a Southener yet 🙂

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