Greens rethought

Winter Market has started. The days are shorter, the tomatoes are gone. It’s on to root vegetables, which have their own kind of comfort. I pick up some turnips, with the greens still attached. And I think back to Anissa Helou, the Lebanese cookbook author I met at the Southern Foodways Alliance event a few weeks ago. As we were driving through the Delta we talked about the obesity epidemic sweeping this country. It was so foreign to her as the Lebanese diet is inherently healthy. That conversation stuck with me.

So I bring home my turnips and greens. Maybe I can do without the ham hock just this once. I will try greens rethought. So I separate the greens from the turnips and  cut them up into thin strips. Then I saute them in just a blink of an eye with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Anyone who has  cooked greens knows that they go from a voluminous amount to next to nothing so I don’t have a lot to show at the end of this experiment.

But they were delicious. Peppery, tangy with the lemon juice and lush with the olive oil. “We could have this again,” says Mark. That’s his code for not only did this not suck, but it’s actually quite tasty. There will be lots of greens in the coming months. It’s the season. I’m stocking up on lemon juice and olive oil.



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2 responses to “Greens rethought

  1. If you don’t want to do a ham hock, toss in half a piece of bacon. Less fat, but still some flavor.

  2. Noah

    I want some of that for lunch one day when I get back :D. That sounds really good. Love you.

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