Wrong on so many levels

So we have begun our excessive Mayhew/Harbin/Mayhew family reunion in the Smokey Mountains and we are worse than ever. Really.

We join Noah and his friends for lunch at Smokey’s on the University of Tennessee campus and there it is. the Mac Daddy. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, Cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. In one sandwich. This is wrong on so many levels, but it get’s worse when the ad tempts you to try it with Tater Tots on the side. I do not try it because I know what’s ahead of me once Bunny (my mother-in-law), Tammy (my daughter-in-law) and I get to the cabin.

Here it is. The refrigerator. Stocked for a three-day visit. We have all the basic food groups covered. Jalapeno Poppers? Check. Bagel Bites? Check. Shrimp wrapped in Pepper Jack Cheese and Bacon? Check. Loaded Potato Skins? Check. Box wine? Check, check and check. We’re all set for wintering over. If only we could.

We eat a vat of pot stickers before spaghetti, meat sauce and garlic bread for supper. Mini chocolate eclairs for dessert. This morning I can’t contemplate food. However, I am in need of pajamas since I am entering my dotage (a period of senile decay marked by a decline of mental poise and alertness) and on my way to find some at the Belk’s I pass a Krystal’s. They have a new item.

It’s the Mo Joe, a Sloppy Joe covered in cheese and topped with crispy onion bits. I realize I am suddenly starving and must have one immediately. Of course, I prudently share it with Mark so I can deny later that I ate the whole entire thing. However, I did not share very much. It was delicious and wrong on so many levels.

So let’s just look ahead. Tonight is our Thanksgiving. We will be having twice-baked potatoes, a green bean casserole that involves both cream of celery soap and sour cream, stuffing, homemade pumpkin pie, gravy and, oh yes, turkey. Tomorrow is football snack day. That’s where Tammy just shines. She keeps it coming all day long and actually watching football is not a requirement to enjoy the snacks.

Wrong on so many levels.


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3 responses to “Wrong on so many levels

  1. howard

    Who stole from whom?
    On the west coast, the movable food trucks are the big thing right now. One of the best, I know is.., my wife made me stand in line for 40 minutes (jeez!), is the Grilled Chesse Truck and their signature sandwich is…..Grilled Cheese with Mac and cheese and BBQ pork! I must admit, it was good! Very good!


  2. It all sounds heavenly except the offering from Krystal. That sounds like a Pepcid-inducing experience for sure.

    We did Thanksgiving in the mountains in 1992, and I enjoyed it. We just bought all the food and took it to the cabin, so there was no cooking, just re-heating. I lived in Knoxville at the time so that helped. The traffic was horrendous, though. We spent half the time in traffic crawling through Pigeon Forge.

    Hope your experience is far superior!

    • the south in my mouth

      I’ll put in a plug for Oak Haven Resort. Cute cabins and they’re before you get to all the traffic back-ups.

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