Fun with dry ice

We are such nerds. Just total nerds.

Last night we received a very nice Christmas gift, a chicken pie from Harry and David’s. We are thrilled, of course, to get gifts of food. But the entertainment value of dry ice cannot be underestimated.

“Let’s put it in the sink and run water over it,” Mark suggested as he lifted the solid block of blazing cold ice out of the box with a tea towel. You have to admit, it looks pretty amazing. I am sad to report that this idea of fun with dry ice did not occur to us when the power to the freezer went out a few months ago and we put approximately $385 of frozen food in a cooler with 10 blocks of dry ice. (And, also sadly, it did not occur to us to run an extension cord from one of the working outlets to the freezer as my friend Kim suggested).

Then the boys wanted to have their pictures made with the dry ice. I am delighted that boys really never grow up and they were pretty jazzed to see themselves with dry ice vapors. Look at Mark’s face. Age 58 or age 18? I think 18.

And here’s Noah, who is actually 18 and thinks he looks extremely cool, pardon the pun, with his dry ice and pouting mouth pose. I have not seen the child smile in a photograph since seventh grade.But he’s cute. You have to give him that.

Now here is the obligatory warning. Dry ice is really cold. Like -109 degrees. If you try to pick it up with your bare hands you will be very, very sorry. However, if you are lucky enough to receive a chicken pie or anything else packed in dry ice do not waste the opportunity to revisit your childhood and just play.

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