Butter-topped yeast rolls

I got you there, didn’t I? Rolls. Butter. Oh, yes.

So I am over at Miss Wanda Woolen’s house last Sunday with the other English Tea people celebrating yet another triumphant event. On the dining room table, right next to the beautifully smoked shredded pork butt are these rolls. Big huge yeast rolls. They look homemade and they taste unbelievably good with the pulled pork and – I would never have thought of this but I now heartily endorse it – ranch dressing! I intend to have only one, since I have already consumed a plateful of cocktail weenies and two big wedges of blue cheese drizzled with honey and walnuts. However, my mental alertness slips away with the first yeasty bite and I have four. I am absolutely sure Wanda has made these ethereal rolls but when I ask her she says, “Heck no, I buy them in the frozen bread section at Kroger.”

Really? I practically trample the last of the guests to get out the door and over to Kroger. I am all about bread and I need some more of these rolls. The package looks unpromising. If you look at the photo on the front, the rolls look nothing like Wanda’s giant gems. However. Wanda has already provided me with the secret that I will now pass on to you. You nestle those frozen nubs nine to a 9-inch by 9-inch pan and you let them rise not the 3-5 hours the package suggests but 6 hours.

After that, you bake them and then brush the tops with melted butter. I will guarantee you that if you don’t want to be completely honest about their origins, nobody will guess these came from the grocery store freezer section. I am slightly embarrassed to report that between the two of us, Mark and I hate seven rolls. And then Mark snuck back into the fridge and ate the other two an hour later. We will not be making these rolls every day for obvious reasons. But I consider this one of the major food finds of 2011 and it’s only February.


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4 responses to “Butter-topped yeast rolls

  1. Les Kerr

    Alright – now you made me hungry!

  2. julie hendrix

    Holy Mother of God I was SURE those towering creatures were homemade. Tat woman is a genius…not unlike you. Have a great weekend!!! :o)

  3. Lori

    These rolls sound so worth the 87.6 miles I must drive to find my nearest Kroger. Meanwhile, I’ll try your magic method on whatever Harris-Teeter has to offer.

    • the south in my mouth

      I’ll bet every grocery chain has some kind of frozen dinner rolls. Let me know what you find and if they work!

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