Does not everyone organize their spices? Alphabetically? Really?

You will hear a lot of advice from some pretty fancy chefs about throwing your spices out after a few months. That’s just hogwash. Keep them in a cool dark place, or better yet the freezer, and they will last a LONG time. However, if you are like me and are a tad forgetful, you will not remember that you have four jars of oregano and five cans of onion powder until you get bored one day and reorganize your spice cabinet. Which is what I just did. Let’s say the trash bag was a tad heavy.

Why should you organize your spice cabinet alphabetically? You do have a spice cabinet to begin with, I hope. Because it’s easier to find stuff, of course. Mine is three shelves high and it is organized in this fashion: Bottom shelf spices used most frequently; middle shelf BBQ rubs and hot sauces; top shelf spices used less frequently (why did I buy those poppy seeds again?).

Trash bag disposed of, order restored. I feel virtuous. And a little spicy.

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