Sausage yeast rolls

I am so sorry at this moment that some of you reading this don’t live in or near Nashville. Because, unfortunately for you, that means that you cannot find your way to Fox’s Donut Den in Green Hills.

Most people would think that a trip to the Donut Den, as it is more simply called by the regulars, would involve doughnuts of some sort. But not for me. I will drive the 10 miles or so from my house in Brentwood just to get the sausage roll. The sausage rolls reside, without benefit of refrigeration, in the same glass cases containing the doughnuts. It is not uncommon in the South to find what someone from another part of the country might consider slightly lax food safety practices. We, of course, don’t see it that way. And nobody’s died yet.

In any event, I made a pilgrimage to the Donut Den yesterday for my beloved sausage roll, which is a giant disk of spicy sausage encased in a large yeasty potato roll. But when I walked in, there were none. None!

“Did you sell out?” I asked the woman behind the counter feverishly. “No,” she said, “The health department came by and we have to keep them in the refrigerator now.” Relief.

I order my roll. They are not inexpensive at $2.50 each. But they are worth every cent.

These things are about the size of a McDonald’s hamburger. I cannot emphasize enough how good they are. It amazes me that on the Donut Den’s own website they are not even mentioned. I am sad to say there’s no way to even get close to this at home, but if you want to get a fleeting idea of how good these sausage rolls are, try this. Get a bag of Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls. Then get a pound of Tennessee Pride Hot Sausage (or if you cannot obtain Tennessee Pride then any hot bulk sausage). Fry up some patties approximately the same size as the yeast rolls and give it a whirl. It won’t be a Donut Den sausage roll. But it will be mighty good.


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2 responses to “Sausage yeast rolls

  1. These look delicious – similar in concpt to the pepperoni rolls in WVa, where the state passed a special law allowing them to be kept on the shelf as they were extremely popular.

    • the south in my mouth

      I like special rules for things like this. I love that apparently the lawmakers love the pepperoni rolls so much they’d pass a law about them!

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