I understand that it is highly unsanitary and completely incorrect to let your cat sleep on the kitchen counter. I understand this completely.

When we adopted our cats, Max and Peanut, we were asked in a questionnaire where they would sleep. I laughed and answered: “Anywhere they want.” But I was not thinking of the kitchen counter.

I know exactly where I went wrong. I put the TV on the kitchen counter so I could watch food shows while I cooked. The TV, at least in these parts, comes with a cable box that is just the nicest, toastiest place to take a little cat nap. In the beginning, when I first noticed Peanut doing this, I would rudely awaken him and shove him off the counter. He was not pleased. And he paid me absolutely no attention. I’d leave the kitchen for five minutes and there he was, back on the cable box. For awhile, I felt like I had gone back in time when the only four words I remember saying to my 5-year-old son were “no” and “don’t do that.” I would tell Peanut “no” and “don’t do that” and, just like Noah, he completely ignored me.

So I have given up. I have established a line of demarcation, though. I do not allow Peanut to exit his cable box via the larger kitchen counter. He must perilously leap off the edge onto the floor. He does not seem to mind this. Thank goodness. You don’t want to see Peanut when he’s mad.

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  1. Our cat pretty well goes and sleeps where she wants – it’s nearly impossible to make it otherwise.

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