A debacle

Oh, my Lord. They were all there. In the post directly below you will note my fear that Julie Hendrix, Donna Stokes Rogers and Wanda Woolen would show up at the Women of St. Paul’s meeting earlier tonight, expressly to steal the thunder away from my Goat Cheese, Peach and Bacon Bites. In fact, as I approached Susan Cowperthwaite’s front door, Wanda was right in front of me.

I think she had a killer nut bread and cream cheese spread, but I was too disoriented to be sure. I immediately headed for the bar to get a glass of Pinot Grigio to steady my nerves. As I headed to the kitchen to warm up my Bites, I ran into Julie Hendrix. No! This can not be happening to me! She has this amazing salad, with spinach, hearts of palm, sun-dried tomatoes and tortilla strips. I set out my Bites and surveyed the rest of the competition.

Damn (I’m going to have a lot of rosaries to say for this), but Fran Osteen made gougères!  Who does that? “Yes,” I imagine her thinking, “I’ll just whip up a little pâte à choux, load it down with some Gruyère, and pop them into the oven. No sweat.” I am ashamed to say I ate four of them. In a row.

And then Donna Stokes Rogers arrives. I can’t see what she’s brought, but she looks down at my Bites and I could swear she smiled and winked at me. As if to say, I’m here now. Show me what you’ve got. In the nicest possible way, of course.

And that wasn’t all. Somebody brought hot pimento cheese dip. Someone else brought Charleston crab dip. And then there was the marinated Gulf shrimp, homemade bread and butter pickles, lemon curd tartlets and Marida Stearns’ infamous Cheddar and fresh mozzarella slices drizzled with a savory marinade involving peppers and Who Knows What Else that makes them irresistible.

There was so much food that it spread from the dining room table to several sideboards and a kitchen counter. I headed back to the wine table to fortify myself. I was over-matched. Way over-matched.

However, I will say this. When it was clearly time to leave because my consumption of Pinot Grigio was reaching alarming proportions, I went to retrieve my Bites tray. They were all gone. Every last one of them. I did not check on the remainders of the other trays, fearing they too were gone and my supposed victory was hollow and meant nothing.


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4 responses to “A debacle

  1. Lori

    LMBO. Love the competition and OMG, gougeres (!)
    Seriously, who does that? Cheers to you with a glass of PG on this end.

  2. julie hendrix

    You may now remove your tongue from the far reaches of your left cheek, my dear. Where were those goat cheese, peach and bacon bites? I believe they disappeared 2 nanoseconds after you pulled them from the oven-nary a bite at the table when I filled my plate. Must search blog for that recipe…and I’m dimwitted, didn’t realize gougeres were on the table until I saw this. arggghhhh

  3. wanda woolen

    Your”Bites” were so absolutely divine, I will not admit to how many of them I ate…….And…………..it was suggested by more than one person, myself included, that they are a definite for THE TEA!!!!!!
    I cannot take credit for the nut bread and cream cheese. That was from Frankie, I only brought a mere bottle of wine………
    Has this become a competition??? oh dear….luvwwwwwwwwwww (but still cannot pronounce thos “g” things)

  4. Donna Stokes-Rogers

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You are simply superb…in every way. Your wit, your writing, and yes, your food. I personally ate half the tray of your tarts. They were amazing. Scott Smith may not realize it, but you have taken the role as church historian from him. The way you smartly describe the gatherings of St. Paul’s is treasure for everyone. I hope you will excerpt all these and write a book!

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