Last summer’s corn

It is nights like this that I thank the sweet Lord that I made myself cut the kernels off 20 ears of corn last August. Back then, I thought we would never eat that much corn before the season came around again. We are down to the last bag.

So, it wasn’t a bad day. Just a confusing one. The brand new lock on our brand new door at the Community Resource Center, ready-to-open-any-day after last year’s flood, doesn’t work. It may be operator error but I cannot unlock the door of my own building. I’m mildly peeved about this. Noah’s computer, which should not have crashed in a spectacular fashion and should not have had to be sent to a repair center, is finally back. But that is after a lovely man from another part of the world told us it had been sitting at a nationally known mail carrier for a week and was about to be sent back to the repair center. Did anyone from the nationally known mail carrier (not the Postal Service, I’ll give you that much) call to tell us it had arrived? No. I also discovered that the 2,781 deleted e-mails in my e-mail program must be deleted one by one. What will I do with my time?

So it was lovely to pull that last bag of summer corn out of the freezer tonight and heat it up with a bit of butter, salt and pepper. Did it taste just as good as it did last August. Why, yes it did. Maybe better.


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3 responses to “Last summer’s corn


    Oh, my, I can just taste that corn! A couple of slices of homegrown tomato would be about perfect on the side…….

  2. Cathy Hanley

    Are you really saying you got enough corn for a whole winter off of 20 ears???? We cut off over 800 ears one day, and 250 another day, for corn for 3 households. Still ran out…….

    • the south in my mouth

      I am guessing you corn-loving folks have more people in your households than I do! And, you’re right. I should have done more although more than 1,000 ears of corn would have taken some doing.

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