Wedding eve

Here is Wedding Central for the big day. It was selected partly because it’s midway between where JoAnn lives and where I live. However, the main attraction is this: the honkin’ big wide-screen television. Back in 1981, JoAnn and I watched the Charles and Di wedding on a pathetic 12-inch screen in my living room. And the sad fact is we didn’t even know it was pathetic. But in 2011 we have wised up quite a bit and there was no way we were going to get up at 4:30 in the morning to squint at a tiny tv screen. Now then, there are a few other preparations in place as well as I wait for JoAnn to get here with the shrimp risotto we’re eating tonight and the heart-shaped scones for tomorrow.

The champagne is on ice. That’s the hat I’ll be wearing during tomorrow’s ceremony behind it. Just kidding. Although it could be a hat the royals would wear.  The feathers are part of a flower arrangement that I might well turn into a hat as the evening progresses. You never know. This wedding thing is almost too exciting for words but, as you well know, that will not stop me from prattering on incessantly about this through tomorrow. If I begin to slur my words, please don’t judge me.


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2 responses to “Wedding eve

  1. Howard

    I woke up this mornng at 1am and made my Royal Wedding breakfast and sat in front of the TV and learned that the wedding is on Friday. I think I am gettin’ Old, but lets say this was a rehersal breakfast ( it was good English style – Kippers and stuff) and so Late tonight, I’l make it again for the real Wedding Day.

  2. Lori

    Have fun and share!!!

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