Cocktails for Jesus

Tonight was the bi-monthly social meeting of the Women of St. Paul’s, or as I like to refer to it Cocktails for Jesus. If you are from another denomination and do not approve of alcohol at social events, you can either ride with me here or move along. But as Episcopalians, this is how we roll.

Tonight’s party was at Ellen Kirk’s. Ellen introduced me to one of the most addictive cocktail snacks I’ve ever had and you are not going to believe how good this combination is: sauerkraut, polish sausage and caraway seeds. Just saute the sausage in a skillet, add the sauerkraut and caraway seeds until they’re warm and then eat it with a fork on a cocktail plate. I promise you if you try this you will not be sorry.

But I digress. Cocktails for Jesus is actually wine and snacks with a lot of good conversation and a business meeting somewhere in the middle. The Women of St. Paul’s is actually a formidable group with a fairly hefty bank account. We do good works. But first we have a couple glasses of Chardonnay and some onion dip. I made a respectable hummus with some Indian dipping chips that were great out of the oven but, regrettably, got a bit chewy once cool. Once placed on the grazing table, I tried not to call attention to them. There were various kinds of cheese and crackers, a  yummy cream cheese dip, cream puffs and very tasty fried chicken nuggets.

And then Wanda Woolen arrived with her spice cake with caramel icing. I will say that the subtle jockeying for position that may take place at a formal Episcopal reception does not occur during Cocktails for Jesus, but everyone knew once Wanda arrived with spice cake and caramel icing that the game was over. If she will give it up, I will get you the recipe. It was delicious.

So after a few cocktails and some nibbles, we started the business meeting. First order of business is who will run the bake sale during the Men’s Club barbecue. Mark says I don’t know how to say “no” and sure enough, I didn’t. However, two other women are kind enough to throw in with me and a fourth will be approached (Julie, dear, I will be calling you tomorrow). Next, was an accounting of funds. We are loaded. As in the bank account, not the women at the party.

Then we go into executive session, as far as this blog is concerned, about a sensitive matter that requires much discussion and which, I am fairly certain, was not entirely resolved during Cocktails for Jesus. However, I am feeling slightly over self-served at this point and feel as though it would be wise to depart.

There is an extremely strong bond between the Women of St. Paul’s. We are there for the best of life and the worst, the christenings and the funerals. We celebrate each other’s achievements  and have held hands through the trials of life. We have sat with each other in hospital waiting rooms. And sat and counted silver before the English tea. We are the ultimate definition of Steel Magnolias. And we do like a nice glass of Chardonnay.


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7 responses to “Cocktails for Jesus

  1. Susan

    You have such a way with words, dear Catherine!!! Love the last paragraph especially – it says it all in a nutshell!! Lots of love, Susan


    Oh, how this brings back good memories of my church in Augusta,Ga. I am so glad daughter Dee introduced me to your blog!
    Now, don’t forget that cake recipe, ya hear !

  3. Bari Horton

    Thank you, Catherine…I couldn’t be there and now I feel so connected and in the know!

  4. Julie

    I so hate that I missed last night and as always, love your post! And OF COURSE I will help run the bake sale at the BBQ!!! :o)

  5. I love knowing about Cocktails for Jesus!! I’m wondering where your church is located. My family attends St. John’s Cathedral in Knoxville, TN.

    • the south in my mouth

      St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is in Franklin, TN. It’s got quite an interesting history. It was built before the Civil War and during the war used as both a Confederate hospital and stables for Union horses. You can still see the gouges in the pillars that were dug out to put in horse troughs!

  6. Leslie Fraser

    Catherine-I would love to spoil the secret of Wanda’s spice cake, but I shall leave that up to her!! Cocktails for Jesus is a wonderful title– and so incredibly appropriate. What a wonderful group of women, and how true that we are there for each other, every step of the way from christening to funeral– with a baby shower, confirmation and wedding or two thrown in for good measure. Oh– and a tea. Love you and your writing!

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