In praise of box wine

Just as cellphones have replaced the old rotary dial and computers the manual typewriter, I am predicting that box wine will far overtake bottled and corked wine and in the not-too-distant future.

Do not laugh at me.  I have given this considerable thought. And I have been laughed at for drinking box wine and I am a little peeved about it.

So my favorite wine of all time is Corbett Canyon because it is cheap inexpensive and of, I think, good (enough) quality. It comes in many different flavors, which I think is a hoot because “flavors” sounds like something related to Popsicles. But the very knowledgeable guy at my liquor store calls them flavors. In fact, it was the wine guy who turned me on to box wine.

I was at the check-out stand at the liquor store with my bottles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir when the wine guy informed me that buying boxed wine was a better value. And he also informed me that it stayed fresher because the wine was sealed air-tight in plastic. I will admit that I will never be in danger of holding on to a box of wine so long that it could go bad.  I am not worried about the freshness thing.  So I switched from glass bottles to boxes. And I have never been happier.

I am slightly bemused now when I go the liquor store and the wine guy asks me if I want a carrying box for my wine. A box? It’s already in a box. Then he asks me if he can carry it out for me. Yes, this would imply that I buy multiple boxes at a time, which I do. I politely tell him that if I cannot carry the wine out myself then I need not be buying it.

Wine, of course, is not only good for drinking, but it is also good for cooking. Tonight I pan fried some steaks in my cast iron skillet and then threw in some mushrooms with a bit of butter. After they were browned I added a little Pinot Noir and continued cooking them until the wine evaporated. You should try this.

I will tell you that the only drawback to box wine, other than the fact that your friends will laugh at you, is that you cannot put it in a cooler with ice. You can understand why.

Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere. I think I’ll go have a glass. Or two. Before it goes stale.


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4 responses to “In praise of box wine

  1. Bari Horton

    Cheers, dear Catherine!

  2. Kim

    yes you can!! take it out of the box. but the bag in the cooler. oh yes, it has been tried. soft coolers are perfect for this. i’ll show you!

  3. Dee

    Wow, what will they think of next? Cheese in an aerosol can? Herbs in a tube?!

    I am probably the only person in Atlanta who uses a phone simply for calls…

  4. Kathy Sobol

    Wine in a box is a great invention! It does stay fresher and is certainly more economical.

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