The girl’s got it

I have to do this quickly because Bunny is on her way with the princess tent and I know my time of glory is short.

We arrive at Oak Haven today and I present my flip flop bag with genuine petroleum-based plastic necklaces, bracelets and rings, plus butterfly hair clips and hair bows to Sydney. My granddaughter knows how to accessorize. The 2 1/2-year old has got it going on and she’s not afraid to show it. She puts on everything. At once. I am besotted.

We make our annual trip to the Kroger (because there is no Publix here) to load up on snacks and other provisions and Sydney owns that store. She cruises around in her make-believe car attached to the front of Noah’s shopping cart and blows kisses to the shoppers as if she is Princess Catherine meeting her subjects. And I can’t imagine anyone more charming.

But as I said, Bunny is in the car right now on her way with the princess tent. Oh dear.



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4 responses to “The girl’s got it

  1. Julie

    adorable photo. hilarious post. love it :o)

  2. Leslie Fraser

    Just as long as she is wearing all her fine jewels when she sits in her Princess tent..all will be right with the world! What a wonderful smile she has.

  3. Delightful, Catherine!

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