Game, set, match


Bunny and Sydney in the princess tent

The look says it all, doesn’t it? I’m talking about Bunny, of course. The princess tent beat plastic jewelry and a flip flop purse by a country mile.

It was not entirely easy putting up the princess tent, which is always the way with toys that must be assembled. I well remember the Christmas that we bought 400 cardboard “bricks” for Noah, each one having to be put together by hand. There was not enough Chardonnay in all of Brentwood that night. That’s Josh attempting to stabilize the tent.  Fathers will do anything for their little girls.

Well, the Sydney Sweepstakes are over for this trip. I will do better next time. What’s bigger than a princess tent. A queen castle? A monarch mansion? Are there such things? I hope Bunny doesn’t read this.  I don’t want to give her any ideas.


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2 responses to “Game, set, match


    What a lucky little girl! She is adorable!

  2. Do you ever watch “Modern Family” on Wednesday nights and if you do, did you see the episode where the gay couple got a castle for their adopted Korean daughter to play in?

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