Tomato sandwiches

Sometimes only a tomato sandwich will do. Like when you’ve had a raging summer cold for three days and you feel like cotton balls are stuffed between your ears. Like when the thought of actually cooking something requires far more energy than you can muster. Like when it’s still in the 90s and September is just so close, but right now turning on the stove seems an act of foolhardiness.

And that is why I am eating a tomato sandwich, a yellow tomato sandwich to be exact. So comforting. So familiar. So easy.

Everyone has their favorite way to make one. Some like them with soft white bread, slathered in mayonnaise and so juicy and loose you have to eat them over the kitchen sink. I like mine this way: Toast two pieces of bread, any kind, and then butter both sides. Slice the tomato and get rid of the seeds. Place the tomato slices so there is just one layer on the bread. Salt and pepper liberally and add a pinch of sugar. Put some mayonnaise on the other slice of bread that you have already buttered. Slice and serve.

Sometimes only a tomato sandwich will do. I’m going back to bed now.



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3 responses to “Tomato sandwiches


    There is absolutely nothing that’s as good as a vine ripened tomato on white bread with Dukes mayo. One can add 2 slices of bacon,a slice of ham, or a slice of Boar’s Head roast beef which is what I had today.Or place tomato slices on a piece of toast,add a slice of cheese,then place a partly cooked piece of bacon on top.Run it under the broiler just long enough to allow the yummy bacon grease to sort of flavor everything.Heaven!

  2. the south in my mouth

    Oh, Elva. You are so right. Particularly with the bacon!

  3. So sorry you’re feeling “puny”! Hope your tomato sandwiches help. When you are feeling better do Leon a favor and write something about paninis. He’s fascinated with them! I kinda like them, too.

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