Grilled shrimp with Comeback Sauce

O.K., ya’ll. This is brave new territory for me and I need some help.  A few months ago, Char-Broil asked me to blog for them. Actually, they asked me and 29 other food bloggers. But I’m pretty happy with those numbers.

My first blog is up on their site and one of the things they ask is that I not re-post those blogs here. I get that. The idea is to drive traffic to their site, which is quite entertaining I must say. So I am hoping you will wander on over to their site and read about grilled shrimp with Comeback Sauce, which you should because it’s delicious. And if you want to leave a comment on their site, that would help me out, too.

I’m going to blog for Char-Broil every month or so and I’ll send you on over there when I do. But most of my time will still be spent right here. I have to say that for the past few days I’ve been sick as a dog and not at all hungry for anything, which makes food blogging hard. And poor Mark. He’s almost been reduced to eating cat food. So thanks for hanging in and staying tuned.

Now get on over there to the Char-Broil site. Just come back after. OK?


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3 responses to “Grilled shrimp with Comeback Sauce

  1. Done! (and it looks fantastic, btw!)

  2. Catherine – congrats on your new Char-Broil blog and thanks so much for including my mom’s Comback Sauce recipe!

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