Turkey hash

There is little more satisfying than knowing that Noah is sleeping through one of the singular best post-Thanksgiving leftover dishes and realizing as we sopped the last bit of our turkey hash with the luxurious remnants of runny egg yolk that all he would see of this masterpiece was a photo.

Is that mean? It might be. Noah has slept through some of my best culinary accomplishments. He will still chastise me for missing the Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce. But in the Mayhew kitchen, you must be present to win. No soup for you if you’re still sawing logs at 12:30 in the afternoon. Or, in this case, no turkey hash.

Thanksgiving dinner was, itself, a tour de force, if I do say so. The turkey done in the Char-Broil Big Easy was

Elijah, Alex, Noah and Elena wait for Mark to carve the turkey

as juicy as I’ve ever cooked. Chapin dressing, delicious. Mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream, gravy, sauteed Brussels sprouts and cranberry orange relish. Yeast rolls, of course. Made all the more enjoyable because there were four starving college students at the table. I just love starving college students. So appreciative. Kind of like dogs you get from the pound. Forever grateful.

But I digress. Turkey hash. There is no recipe for hash, or at least there shouldn’t be. Hash is a meat (turkey, corned beef, roast beef) cut into cubes and sauteed in butter or oil with an equal amount of cubed potatoes and chopped onions.  Salt and pepper please. Cook until the hash has developed a nice crust. In the olden days, Mark and I would eat our hash with liberally buttered English muffins with blackberry jam. However, that produced an unfortunate upward weight fluctuation. So now we top our hash with a perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg so that the yolk becomes a sauce for the hash.

You will want to try this, I promise. So much better than the sad and predictable turkey soup that makes its pitiful annual appearance after Thanksgiving. So much better.


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3 responses to “Turkey hash

  1. They are SOOOO cute and the hash sounds so good.:)

  2. Ken

    I know what you mean about starving college students. I enjoy feeding Patrick’s friends on the way to Ultimate tournaments. Although the time he brought 42 other starving college students did stretch my capacity a bit. (We borrowed our church’s fellowship hall and served regular and vegan chilli.)

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