Do you hear what I hear?

This is why I love the South. The most improbable things happen in the most unlikely places.

I am in the self checkout line at my beloved Publix. The usual Christmas music is playing in the background. I am absently humming along as I bag my Stovetop Stuffing, orange juice and “buy one, get one free” butter. The music seems so…well…loud. So, um, live.

I look up and there, right in the deli section, is an actual live brass ensemble. Why? Why are there musicians playing Christmas music in my grocery store? I have to ask. It turns out they are just a bunch of guys who like to play music together. Some of them have been doing this for more than 30 years. Tubas, in particular, are big in the South at Christmas time. The Baptists host the Merry Tuba Christmas concerts every year. You can barely get into any sanctuary on Christmas Eve without stepping over a tuba or two. But I just love the fact that they have now made their way, along with several trumpets, into my Publix, right between the fried chicken and sushi.

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  1. That’s great, Catherine, and I know the music just makes people happy to hear it. Proceeds from Tuba Christmas go to the Downtown Presbyterian Church weekly lunch for the homeless ministry.

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