Country sausage and chow-chow flatbread

So I think most of you know that I’m a Char-Broil blogger, representing the South. Yes, all of the South. So when I come up with recipes for them I want to represent, you know? I’m pretty proud of this one. It uses chow-chow! I figure at least three-fourths of the nation has never heard of chow-chow.

As usual, this recipe started out as a “blind hog and acorn” moment (as in “every blind hog finds an acorn now and again”). Over Christmas, Noah had friends over and I decided to make a pizza at the spur of the moment but I didn’t have any sauce. So I used some red pepper and onion relish I got as a present. Damn, it was good. So that launched me on a mission to find other unusual pizza toppings, which led me to chow-chow.

I call it a flatbread because that sounds more sophisticated, but who’s kidding who here. It’s a pizza in a different shape. Make it round if you want. For the locals, I buy my pizza dough at the Publix or Trader Joe’s, the sausage should be Tennessee Pride. The chow-chow is from the Kroger and I get the hot variety. I can report that this was a huge hit because I got exactly two pieces of it. I came home from work the next day and the rest of it was gone. Gone. If I were doing a Super Bowl party, which I’m not because my beloved Titans are all at their tropical vacation homes right now, this is what I’d make.

So, please and thank you, hop on over to the Char-Broil site and take a look-see. If you want to comment, please do it on the Char-Broil site. They might send me another grill.


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2 responses to “Country sausage and chow-chow flatbread

  1. Jan

    It’s hard living in Colorado. People have never heard of chow-chow. When I mention I need chow-chow for my beans, 9 out of 10 people have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s one of the things I cart home from a visit to the south.

  2. elva thompson

    Love Dillard House! If you’ve never tried creamed cabbage, at restaurants, in Dillard, you’ve missed a treat. I think it is just a medium white sauce plus grated cheese etc but surely is good.
    Also, corn meal from the Old Mill, in Pigeon Forge, is worth the trip.
    Wish you would write about White Lily products, sometime. Gourmet mag even had an article about their flour, some years ago.–

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