Bacon Day

Every once in awhile, worlds collide and my work life and blogging life intersect. For those of you who don’t know, I run the Community Resource Center, a nonprofit that provides basic household necessities for people in need. But more importantly, we have instituted Bacon Day at CRC and with that comes the recipe for the single best reason to blow your diet: pig candy. By the way, if you want to see what we’re up to at CRC, please hop on over to the CRC blog, Two Chicks in a Warehouse. And now, Bacon Day.

Betsy, the creator of Bacon Day

Here at the world headquarters of the Community Resource Center we have declared Wednesdays to be Bacon Day.

By the way, it has come to my attention that I do not include information on the important work we do every day at CRC on this blog nearly enough so I will intersperse important information in this blog about Bacon Day.

Betsy actually thought this up. Who doesn’t like bacon? she asked. Just the thought of Bacon Day makes her smile.  So for the inaugural Bacon Day last week we decided to make the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. I borrowed Mark’s electric skillet that his mother gave him when he moved into his first apartment, oh, about 40 years ago and which still works perfectly fine because they made things better back in the day.

Important information: CRC just facilitated the donation of an entire office suite including cubicles, desks, filing cabinets and chairs to New Horizon, which assists people with developmental disabilities to become part of a productive workforce.  Because of the donation, New Horizons can take the dollars they would have spent to outfit an office and redirect them to their programs.

Of course, the proper bacon, egg and cheese sandwich must include very good bread, toasted, and then

Kim lovin' on a little bacon

liberally buttered. There must also be an ample amount of butter in the skillet to fry the eggs. Not a sandwich for dieters. And because I had cooked an entire package of bacon, there was extra bacon to snack on. Just to balance out the caloric excess of the whole enterprise, Betsy brought clementines.

Important information: The Mental Health Cooperative is opening a new Crisis Stabilization Unit and Intensive Intervention Center, which will serve a combined population of 3,000 people in need. CRC helped furnish those two centers. Horn tooting! Horn tooting! “We appreciate everything you (CRC) do for us (MHC),” wrote Della Baker of MHC.  “You do it well and are as excited to give, as we are to receive. Thank you all again for the good work you do for the non-profits of Nashville.”

So tomorrow is once again Bacon Day and I am bringing the ultimate, ultimate bacon treat: Pig candy!

Important information: The recipe!  You take your favorite bacon. Heat up your oven to 350 degrees. Take the  bacon and coat it with dark brown sugar. Put some foil on a cookie sheet with a rim and then put a rack on top if you have one. Put the bacon on the rack and bake it for about 20 minutes. That’s it! If you don’t have a rack, then you might have to turn it over once. Oh, and CRC distributes more than $1.5 million in new and gently used goods to more than 90 nonprofit agencies in Middle Tennessee every year.


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7 responses to “Bacon Day

  1. Again I must ask, how can something so wrong taste so right?

  2. elva thompson

    When locally grown tomatoes arrive:
    a slice of dry toast, sliced tomatoes,a slice of good cheese,2 slices partly cooked bacon.
    run it under the broiler til bacon finishes cooking and cheese kind of melts.
    I don’t allow myself over 3 of these at a meal.

  3. Lori

    I’m glad Elva understands restraint!
    Bacon candy rawks and so do you. You have meaningful work and fun on the job. You always made work fun. I envy the folks who work with you.
    The MH stabilization and intervention center is a brilliant and much needed service EVERYWHERE. Thanks so much for doing a huge part to help them out. Your support will be felt by many consumers and loved ones who appreciate it so much when somebody cares! Hugs to you all.

  4. julie

    Again, a marvelous post: food for the brain, food for the tummy. thank you Catherine!!! Bacon candy, must have.

  5. It could not get any better than “Bacon Day”! Kudos to Betsy for her brilliant idea!

  6. Sharon England

    Catherine, I enjoy reading your posts so very much. Charlotte’s loss was obviously Nashville’s gain. So proud of the good work you do and the wonderful info and recipes you share with all of us. Can’t wait to try the pig candy! Bless you and your organization!

    • the south in my mouth

      Thanks so much! We had bacon day again today with Benton’s Bacon. Try the pig candy. It will make you smile.

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