Grilled pimento cheese spread and bacon sandwiches

Grilled Pimento Cheese Spread and Bacon Sandwiches. Please note the oozing cheese and red pepper garnish for health reasons.

As you all know, the Chicks at the Community Resource Center celebrate every Wednesday with bacon. And we had a truly revolutionary Bacon Wednesday a few weeks ago. Betsy made her grandmother’s pimento cheese spread. We used it on bacon and pimento cheese sandwiches. I am just going to say that we were happy nobody else was here because there was no sharing.

I have Googled this extensively and there is nothing like this recipe on the Internet so this will be a world premiere of Callie Everett’s pimento cheese spread. I will warn you that Betsy’s recipe makes about two gallons of the stuff. You can refrigerate it and use it again. In fact, Betsy had it on crackers this morning, about three weeks after she made it. So the shelf life seems to be, like, forever. It contains Velveeta, after all.

A word about my beloved Velveeta. Yes, I know it’s not real cheese. But I don’t care one bit. Any of you out there wanting to hate on my Velveeta just leave it alone. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. More for me.

By the way, you will question the use of dill pickle juice. Don’t. It makes the recipe.

Pimento Cheese Spread

1 pound Velveeta

1 16-ounce jar mayonnaise

1 small jar pimentos

Dill pickle juice to taste

Melt the Velveeta in the microwave just until its softened. Fold in the mayonnaise and pickle juice to taste. Spoon in the pimentos, adding a little bit of the pimento juice. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

 Recipe by Callie Everett, Betsy Everett’s grandmother


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4 responses to “Grilled pimento cheese spread and bacon sandwiches

  1. elva thompson

    So healthful ! Could add a dab of onion juice, then you’d have included two vegetables! Sounds divine!

  2. I think of you whenever I see the commercial about the guy marrying bacon!

  3. so could you please clarify the use of the spread with bacon on the grilled sandwiches? did you simply spread the buttered bread and then put slices of precooked bacon on top before grilling? Have you ever used Mayo instead of butter for grilling sandwiches? if not, you’ll think I’m a genius but I got the tip from Len. And Velveeta has a place in my heart with many wonderful childhood memories. I will always love the stuff. Nothing makes a grilled cheese like Velveeta. Nothing.

  4. the south in my mouth

    Our grilled cheese construction: Buttered bread, topped with a generous schmeer of pimento cheese spread, then crispy bacon, then the other slice of buttered bread. I am so going to try the mayonnaise thing.

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