Over here…I’m over here

It has come to my attention that I am an Internet idiot. I recently migrated this blog to a .com address in an attempt to widen the number of you wonderful people who like to read it. And I appear to have left many of you behind who subscribed to the blog and got e-mail notifications of new posts.

Bad Mommy, which is what I say about myself when I have apparently done something stupid. Not the .com thing. The “not understanding how to communicate to my subscribers what I’ve done” thing.

So, please hop on over to www.thesouthinmymouth.com and subscribe over there. And if this works, all you regulars, please comment. By the way, I think I am figuring this out because my newly minted 20-year-old son (Happy Birthday, Noah!) sat out here on the deck with me while I furiously slugged wine and smoked cigarettes in despair. And thanks to my good friend, Marida, for e-mailing me to ask: “Are you O.K? Haven’t seen your posts in awhile.”

Crossing my fingers. Brave new world in the .com space. Comment. I’m lonely!


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