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Grilled blackened catfish with melon salsa and creamy grits

Hey, ya’ll. The weather’s finally warming up and it’s time to get outside to do some cooking. I have a great recipe (she said modestly) for blackened catfish using my trusty black-iron skillet on the grill. It’s posted on the Char-Broil site and if you would be so kind as to hop over there and take a look I’d be in your debt. Just click the link. Go ahead. Click it. Thank you.


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Mini pork sandwiches and black-eyed pea salsa

If you’re from the South, you know the drill. You now officially have six days to plan your good luck New Year’s Day meal. It must include some kind of pig so you’ll live high off the hog, some greens for money and black-eyed peas for luck. This year I spread the luck quotient around by posting my pork sandwiches with spinach spread and black-eyed pea salsa to the rest of the country on the Char-Broil blog. So please, ya’ll, hop on over there and get your shopping list started!

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